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All About Rope

All About Rope

Studio: Bond Group Ltd

If you admire dazzling ropework -- architecturally-imagined, precisely crafted -- then you're probably going to think this video contains some of the best rope bondage that Jay has ever done. Scene after scene, Whitney, Jennifer, and Donna experience ever-varying but always constraining experiments in ropecraft. The ladies wear a wide array of gags throughout most of the scenes -- ballgags, tape and exotic leather inventions. Words cannot convey the excitement of Jennifer struggling in a hogtie until her shoes slip from her stocking feet, or the unique appeal of a color-coordinated Whitney ballgag, gloves, panties and heeled sandals are all bright red.

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Duration: 1:28:12

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All About Rope All About Rope
All About Rope All About Rope

All About Rope
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All About Rope
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2-07-2015, 14:15
Category: Bond Group Ltd
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