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She Loves It

She Loves It

Studio: Bond Group Ltd

Sydney is Jays newest discovery and, if body language is any indication, she absolutely does love every single thing he does to her. Make no mistake, Sydney is no damsel in distress. This lovely woman is a full-fledged bondage submissive who slips off into sub space whenever sensation overtakes her. We open to find our starlet curled up under the bedcovers, fast asleep. Jay gently awakens his languorous lass by pulling down the covers to reveal that she has slept through the night in elbow bondage and a crotchrope! With firm hands and tongue, Jay brings sleepy Sydney to full consciousness. His licks and strokes grow in intensity and he re-focuses all of his attention on just one of her nipples. The rhythmic torment evokes an incredibly sexy response from Sydney; can Jay actually bring her to climax by stimulating her nipple? The next scene confirms our suspicions and this time Jay works over both of her reddened nubs. Moving Sydney onto the bed, Jay suspends one of her ankles, clamps her nipples, and leaves her for a bit of solo satisfaction. The next scene blew our minds! Sydneys kneeling backward on a chair with a ballgag in her mouth. Jay applies his squasher clamps to her swollen nipples...and then yanks them off...then clamps them back on...then yanks them right off again! He does this three jaw-dropping times as she twitches and moans with pleasure! On and on the bondage goes, with Sydneys slender elbows practically welded together in almost every scene. She enjoys an amazing amount of maltreatment to her dusky nips and leaves us wondering when well get to see her again! Rounding out the program are three scenes of another Edwards newbie, Samantha! Tall and robust, Samantha has long red hair, tanned skin, and big, round breasts. Jay tests her limits with a frog-legged strappado, then shes kneeling for two separate ties. We can hear the strain of Jays intense bondage in her plaintive squeals.

Format: real

Duration: 1:17:57

Video: 360x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

She Loves It She Loves It
She Loves It She Loves It

She Loves It
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She Loves It
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14-07-2015, 12:16
Category: Bond Group Ltd
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