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Four Short Spanking Stories

Four Short Spanking Stories

Studio: California Star Productions Calstar

Job application - Tony is a lonely man. Missing his wife and the rousing discipline sessions they used to have. Interviewing prospective housekeepers, he informs them that they must submit to spankings and canings in order to keep the well-paid job. The first young woman is willing but after just a few hand smacks he sends her away she obviously couldnt take the important caning strokes. Next comes a beautiful French woman. She arrives late giving Tony a perfect excuse to introduce her to his preferred discipline methods. The action culminates with a severe caning with his twisty three-pronged cane. Playing hooky - Tony is angry to find his new employee sitting at home, when she should be at work. She explains that she isnt feeling well, but it just enrages him. "You look fine to me, I think you just want to play hooky!", he says. "Well I think some good harsh discipline is needed here!" Always late - Tony is keen to reach his Snooker Match on time, so when his wife is still doing the washing up when he wants to leave he takes action. To get her moving he slips her knickers down and gives her some very crisp smacks on her bare bottom with his hand. Late delivery - When an important client arrives looking for some orders that havent been delivered, it takes Jim by surprise. "Well I dont know what the problem could be, lets go check the shipping department", he tells the client. Questioning the female shipping clerk, they find that she is desperately trying to keep up, but these are many orders to be processed and shes not the quickest worker. To pacify the client, and to save her job, she must willingly submit to spanking discipline given by both her boss and his "important client".

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Four Short Spanking Stories Four Short Spanking Stories
Four Short Spanking Stories Four Short Spanking Stories

Four Short Spanking Stories
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Four Short Spanking Stories
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