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Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day

Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day

Studio: Hardtied

Bonnie has been in the Bdsm lifestyle for three years now. She likes tight confinement, power exchange, and the feeling of being helpless. Shes a very pretty girl with a penchant for strict bondage. For her the SandM is better when her bondage prevents her from thrashing. Elise is more than capable of fulfilling that desire.Bonnie starts in a combination of a hogtie and worm tie. Her legs are pulled back, but her arms are attached firmly to her sides. Her thumbs are tied with leather across her ass. What an ass it is too. A massive ballgag stretches her mouth obscenely. Elise wastes little time getting her hands on Bonnie and really who can blame her? Bonnies stockings are cut open at the toe and Elise begins biting and sucking. All Bonnie can do is wiggle and scream into the ball. To make Bonnie more comfortable Elise ties leather around her toes and pulls her into a more severe hogtie. Perfect time for a singletail whip; which elicits even more noise from Bonnie.Elise thinks Bonnie needs to be a little more open so the next tie has Bonnie sitting in a chair with her legs spread about as wide as she can get them. With her crotch exposed Elise cuts holes around each of Bonnies most sensitive bits and puts suction cups on each one. Her nipples and clit pump up inside the little cups to three times their size. Elise uses the hitachi to tease Bonnies clit. As requested her bondage is strict enough that she cant move a muscle. Elise removes the suction cups and replaces them with clamps. On Bonnies tender bits this is a painful change, but Elise pulls out the vibrator to sooth Bonnies suffering.Bonnie came to us to submit to tight bondage, corporal punishment, and orgasms. She got all three. Elise expertly puts Bonnie through her paces and Bonnie takes it in stride.

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Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day
Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day

Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day
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Bonnies Day - Bonnie Day
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19-03-2015, 00:29
Category: HardTied
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