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Calis Holding (Cali)

Calis Holding (Cali)

Studio: Insex

From beginning to end, she is kept in holding, tied and re-tied, chained and re-chained. How will she cope with the physical and emotional stresses that arise from the day-to-day experience of constant bondage? Cali begins her sojourn at Insex chained and diapered. After many different ties and positions, she is led out into the snow, barefoot and naked, bound and hooded, then left to find her own way back. At the beginning of an extended scene of her wearing a horrendously thick and heavy metal collar, Cali is held in place by chains attached to her collar from four directions. Her nipples and labia are tortured, but she finds the high heels that she is to wear to be the most dreadful torment of all. She begs for a caning as a way to bargain for their removal. After that comes the interrogation. An electrical prod is inserted into her vagina so that a shock can be administered if her answers are not considered adequate.

Format: real

Duration: 57:08

Video: 240x180, RV30

Audio: 20kbps

Calis Holding (Cali) Calis Holding (Cali)
Calis Holding (Cali) Calis Holding (Cali)

Calis Holding (Cali)
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Calis Holding (Cali)
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12-06-2014, 01:05
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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