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Primal Terror

Primal Terror

Studio: Insex

Pretty little koko gets hogtied, shocked, and dropped in the water tank. All because she wont lick PDs boots. As shes dragged into the tank by a rope lashed to her ankles, she struggles and screams. But we hear nothing. In the water, she seems more spirit than flesh. Her hair flows in dark waves, obscuring her face. Shes on the floor on her stomach, bound tight as though ready to be spitted and cooked. Her legs are folded at the knee, so that calves and feet are bound flat to thigh and ass. PD tells her its time to play a game of “choice.” Squeamish koko doesnt like her choice – that much is obvious right away. When he tells her to lick his boot, she makes a face. So he ties her hair to the hoist, raising her head. Shes spanked. Shes finger fucked. He paws at her bright red pussy. Hoisting her up farther, he slaps her. Still no bootlicking. PD lifts her onto her knees, holding her there by the tie in her hair. This is when the cattle prod appears. In terror of that red devil, koko relents. Once back on the floor, she can hardly bring herself to touch her tongue to his boot, much less lick it. She spits on the boot and buffs it with her chin. But the girl has no enthusiasm for her task. Not even the cattle prod has the desired affect.

Format: real

Duration: 35:33

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Primal Terror Primal Terror
Primal Terror Primal Terror

Primal Terror
File size: 114.9 MB

Primal Terror
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20-06-2014, 16:00
Category: Insex

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