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Maine Visit 4

Maine Visit 4

Studio: Insex

The last in its series, Maine 4 begins where Maine 3 ended, in darkness. kassy is locked into the Garrote, her breath whistling in her throat. She twitches as though driven mad. The subsequent use of electrodes on her labia and tongue is just a precursor, leading inevitably to water. Full submersion in the tank. Through the window, we see her terror, muted, dream-like. The electrodes return. Liquid. Light. Flesh. Desire. And . She swims there.Seated upon rows of spikes, kassy twitches in darkness, a discomforting image. Because of the Garrote screwed against her neck, her breathing is labored. To add to the extremity of her circumstance, a big gag is in her mouth. Then electrodes are clipped to her labia rings. Her tongue is captured in a vise of copper thats wired. The reflexive movements of kassys tongue with every shock add to the appearance of madness. PD, cool, uncaring, sits and works the dials on the shockbox. He douses kassy with a bucket of water. Then, after torturing kassy a bit more, removes a section of the floor directly beneath her feet.

Format: real

Duration: 43:24

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Maine Visit 4 Maine Visit 4
Maine Visit 4 Maine Visit 4

Maine Visit 4
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Maine Visit 4
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