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101 In Metal

101 In Metal

Studio: Insex

He likes to strap me down in metal. The steel ankle cuffs are tight on the tendons and Im always surprised they dont snap under the pressure. Steel is icy cold when you first put it on. And real heavy on the tits. He pulls each tit through a metal bra and clamps them down. The screws which close the bars twist slowly, catching bits of skin on the way. When this happens you can only take it and try not to scream. Thats just part of getting dressed and theres no point in crying before the real fun begins.

Format: real

Duration: 58:35

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

101 In Metal 101 In Metal
101 In Metal 101 In Metal

101 In Metal
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101 In Metal
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12-07-2014, 00:18
Category: Insex

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