» » Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)

Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)

Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)

Studio: Insex

Cast: 129

Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

You want her to want you. But in the end, it’s easier this way, kicking mud in her face, or tying her to a workbench and turning on the fuck machine. It’s just a matter of time until she gives in. But in the end, 129’s not that good at begging, is she? So what to do with a girl like that? You go for the thrill, that moment when you see it in her eyes. When she knows it’s not a game anymore. And that anything goes. Anything.

It starts playful, Cyd ties her with rubber tubing and muzzles her with latex. He rolls her around in the dirt and tickles her, then starts kicking. He steps his big boot down onto her chest, then the side of her head. She fights him, but by now, she’s helpless. He kicks dirt into her face. He sprays her down. He plasters her with handfuls of muck.

In the silence of the barn, she’s tied to a workbench, her ass fully displayed. PD inspects her cunt. He mangles her pussy. A metal pipe is screwed onto the bench and pushed into her mouth, holding her head in place. His gloved hand fingerfucks her, then smears her face with pussy slop. Snapping the glove off his hand, he shoves it into her pussy and leaves it there, like a finger pointing.

Nose hook. Spanking. Then the bench with 129 tied down is shoved toward the wall. A lurid pink dildo pokes out through a hole, attached to the arm of a fucking machine on the other side. It bangs into her. She whimpers.

129 is suspended between two thick posts, spread-eagle. And of course, the necessary strangle rope. Her pussy’s pinched tight between two ropes. He canes her ass and singletails her breasts, waist, and thighs until she’s livid with red marks. Now he wraps the whip onto her pussy from behind. PD teases her pussy. But he gets no smile of encouragement. So he chokes her. Just a little foreplay. A precursor of things to come. A taste of terror before the real thing.

Format: real

Duration: 52:18

Video: 424x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Insex - 129 at the Farm (129) Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)
Insex - 129 at the Farm (129) Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)

Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)
File size: 169.7 MB

Insex - 129 at the Farm (129)
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20-02-2014, 18:15
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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