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Fat Camp Graduation

Fat Camp Graduation

Studio: Insex

Lying on the floor and bound with rubber tubing, angelene pecks out answers to the chat on a laptop. She wears a rubber ball gag harness, black and red rubber corset, latex garter belt, latex stockings with back seam, and platform heels. Enter AZ in black latex stockings, black latex teddy with garters and open cups, red rubber waist-cincher with pussy strap, and red patent leather heels. AZ ss angelene with her cunt, then uses a tax whip on angelenes pussy. After some girl play, angelene strips. Damon Pierce and AZ tie her sitting crosslegged, then suspend her on her back for a grotesquely painful fucking – without lube! (per angelenes deranged request) AZ dons a strap-on, the perfect accessory for her outfit. What starts in the ass quickly multiplies as cyd powers Mr. Pogo in and out of angelenes mouth. Then AZ uses Mr. Pogo to fuck both ass and cunt. Strapped onto the Insex gyn table, angelenes pussy gets a hefty beating from cyd. AZ then rubs a dollop of capsicum cream into angelenes mangled clit. It appears that "please" is something like a curse word to angelene. She screams it over and over at the top of her lungs, interspersed with lots of OhMyGods. Poor angelene. After some attempts to remove the cream (which is not really possible) and a calming talk-down with cyd, angelene caps off the scene with a variation of the favorite commercial disclaimer, do not try this at home. Now AZ and Damon Pierce simultaneously skewer angelenes breasts with four long metal rods. angelene screams bloody . The skewers are tied to weights. angelene is given a bit that she grips in her teeth. If she lets go of the bit, the weights will drop and the skewers will be ripped out of her breasts.

Format: real

Duration: 1:18:10

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Fat Camp Graduation Fat Camp Graduation
Fat Camp Graduation Fat Camp Graduation

Fat Camp Graduation
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Fat Camp Graduation
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24-09-2014, 00:33
Category: Insex
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