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Violets January Livefeed

Violets January Livefeed

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It had started out as fun actually. My school girl clothes put me in the mood for mischief, and I shuffled around, contorting my body and trying to get out of PDs ropes. PD stood in the corner, laughing at my foolhardy attempts and I grew ever more determined to work my way out. Every success was countered by PD with an adjustment, a larger knot, a rope around my neck pulled continuously higher. Still I kept trying at the ropes, pushing and working at the knots, giggling all the way. PD finally made me sit on my knees and pulled the rope taut. Now I had to struggle to deal with the pressure on my knees, which were quickly becoming sore. I hadnt realized how much energy I had expended in trying to get out of PDs ropes earlier, I was getting really tired really fast. I tried to sit back on my feet to relieve my knees, this position put a lot of strain on my thighs, and tightened the rope on my neck further,but I held on. Pd pulled my shoes and socks off and tickled them, poked them and pinched them, laughter turned to screams. Soon,he loosened the rope on my neck, only to tie it to my foot! He pulled me up and I felt a terrible strain on my ankle, the pressure was unbearable. I had seen him do this plenty of times, and had never experienced it myself. I was terrified. Soon my terror deepened, I started to feel as if the thongs of leather wrapped around my foot were slipping, and imagined myself plummeting to the ground head first. These were irrational fears, but I could not shake them, I screamed to be let down. Then it got worse. I was instructed to lie on a clear sheet of vinyl that PD had prepared for a special scene. He folded another sheet over me, and began taping down the edges. Then the suction began, and with a high pitched squeal, the vacuum suctioned the two pieces of vinyl together! After several starts and stops, I was finally vacuum sealed and hung, like a bag of violet colored candy or a packaged doll. I cannot begin to express the utter horror I felt in this situation. There was pressure all around me, my nose was actually pinched shut, and even though it was clear vinyl, I could not see anything, my eyes had been squeezed shut too. I had to struggle to expand my diaphragm, and it was hard to breathe. I feared not getting enough air, and wondered what would happen if I fainted, would PD be able to tell? Would I still be able to hold the tube in my mouth that supplied me with precious air or would the vacuum suck that out too? I had ear plugs in and I couldnt hear anything PD was saying, I was alone with this terrible pressure all around me and despite knowing PD, and having worked with him for so long I could not put aside this horror, I could not reason at all. Blind terror and panic overwhelmed me, and thank god, PD started pulling me down.

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Violets January Livefeed Violets January Livefeed
Violets January Livefeed Violets January Livefeed

Violets January Livefeed
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Violets January Livefeed
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