» » Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)

Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)

Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)

Release Year: 2002

Studio: Insex

Cast: Laura, Savannah, Venus

Genres: BDSM, Fetish, Rope & Steel Bondage, Strict Bondage, spanking, suspension, electrostimulation, torture, Realtime Show

Video language: English

Three new recruits take on the Insex challenge before packing their bags and heading for the border. The first victim, Savannah, arrives in a black skirt and tight pink tank. Seated on the interview chair, she explains that she has a high tolerance for pain and would like to have her limits tested. PD is more than happy to assist in her inquiry. Rope binds her arms behind her back and pulls her ankle and thigh tightly together. Her shirt is cut, allowing perky nipples to poke through. PD stifles her incessant giggling, stuffing her wide mouth with cloth.

Format: real

Duration: 49:42

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Tests 2 (cana4) Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)
Insex - Tests 2 (cana4) Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)

Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)
File size: 81.0 MB

Insex - Tests 2 (cana4)
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Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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