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Tests 17

Tests 17

Studio: Insex

Buxom 28 and mouth-watering 227 take the abyss, dark dive into the harrowing bowels of Insex. 28 is all of twenty-one years aged and has large melons just begging to be battered. 227s silky, taut skin takes intense rope bondage, Mr. Pogo, and a twisted sexual tease. Lets just say that 28 had no idea what she was acquiring herself into. Maybe we should leave it at that. But when you think about it, its clear from the beginning – her slight discomfort as the ropes wrap about her arms and her wrists. And then theres the way she just starts weeping, and how he tries to comfort her . . . well, just a little . . . before he ties the ropes tighter and bends her body harder. He cant stop squeezing those balloons and fingering her nipples, then pinching, then. . . well, lets just say it earn a little much for 28.

Format: avi

Duration: 1:00:22

Video: 480x320, xvid, 723kbps

Audio: 312kbps

Tests 17 Tests 17
Tests 17 Tests 17

Tests 17
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Tests 17
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23-04-2015, 00:34
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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