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922 Garage

922 Garage

Studio: Insex

Strenuous bondage, wrist suspension, and ultimate confinement. 922 returns to Insex for the step by step caging of a babe. A recipe for madness. In the first scene, shes newly arrived, into a difficult position, choking and drooling. A grueling suspension follows. Hanging by her wrists, shes stripped and left that way, writhing in pain. Finally, 922 is locked into the bird cage, her head outside the upper hole, the metal rungs poking into her neck, holding her just a little too high to be comfortable. Shes sprayed down, her rose fattening from the stimulation of the water. To dry her off, candles heat up her ass. Her inner resources wear thin. In the end, shes packed into the cage even tighter and shackled in place. The cage bulges with babe skin. Hanging in the endless dusk of the garage, the silence terrifies. The severe realities of her predicament overcome her. Darkness takes over. A single scream. Sobbing.

Format: avi

Duration: 40:31

Video: 720x576, xvid, 1501kbps

Audio: 312kbps

922 Garage 922 Garage
922 Garage 922 Garage

922 Garage
File size: 542.0 MB

922 Garage
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7-05-2015, 01:01
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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