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Dana 1

Dana 1

Studio: Insex

Impaled through her cunny, shes singletailed. Then Dana hangs high in a flying hogtie. Shes locked in a box and suffocated. Face slapping, face torture, mouth-fucking, and face bondage finish off the poor woman. Her disdain and contempt are a thing of the past, replaced by the hard lessons of helplessness. Dana is awakened in shackles. She struggles to dress herself in stockings and a garter belt. Then her arms are twisted behind her and with ropes, and shes speared with a dildo. Her movements and grunts make her seem more animal than human. A singletail streaks her front and breasts bright red. Dangling high above the barn floor in a hogtie, she looks spectacular. Shes lowered until her mouth is cock height, but she refuses to do the honors. So a stim is placed in her pussy. Her mouth-watering bottom cheeks seize with each shock. Instructed to beg, Dana pleads to be fucked as her body writhes in the air. Locked in a box with only her head protruding, a stretchable bag goes over her head, freaking her. She weeps and implores as the bag collapses fully against her face with each breath. No mercy is given.

Format: avi

Duration: 47:27

Video: 720x576, xvid, 1502kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Dana 1 Dana 1
Dana 1 Dana 1

Dana 1
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Dana 1
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21-05-2015, 15:02
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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