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Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna

Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna

Studio: Insex

Princess Donna II rates a triple–wow on the Insex barometer, delivering exotic 731 and lovely 120 into the Princesss devilish hands. Princess Donna torturing young innocents while wearing her naughty skirts, her latex, and her spike-heeled lace-up boots is enough to make the strong collapse. Add 731s face buried in the Princesss royal pussy, and HRH Princess Donnas fist buried in 120s cunt. Go ahead. Slobber.731, the epitome of a pain slut, is brought out in satin underwear, extreme heels, and rope. The Princess soon has 731 on the floor in a hogtie, * 731s face into her crotch. After enjoying 731s mouth and tongue, she ties 731s hair to her toes and administers foot torture. This seems to please Princess Donna quite a lot. Afterward, 731s forearms are bound to her calves and shes rolled onto her knees, her face mashed to the floor and ass thrust up in the air. She is spanked, penetrated, and caned. Her labia rings are tied to her thighs, and Mr. Pogo (refreshed from a recent vacation) shows up for a long exhilarating fuck. Princess Donnas talented thumb goes right to the clit, eliciting lots of moaning from 731, helpless on the floor.Dressed in red and black latex, Princess Donna waits, agitated. 120 arrives late and must take her punishment, face-slapping, penetration, and a spanking. Then 120 is tied to a chair, her clit hood ring tied also, stretching her clit outward. She must suck Her Royal Highness nipple as she is pussy-whipped. But the Princess, out of her immense compassion, relents. She places the clit rope in 120s mouth, thus holding the clit upward and available. The Princess kneels and uses the royal tongue on 120s pussy. How kind. 120s clit becomes excited, tender, sensitive. So Her Royal Highness whips it again. Ouch. 120 is taken back and forth from pleasure to pain in this evil manner. But the worst is yet to come. Bound upon her back with her legs tied upward and outward, the Princess first finger-fucks, then fist-fucks 120, exhausting the poor girl. In a grand finale, 120 is tied into severe predicament bondage involving killer heels, strappado, hair tie, strangulation, and a crotch rope from hell. It brings sweet, beautiful 120 to tears as the Princess looks on, pleased with her work.

Format: real

Duration: 1:12:41

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna
Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna

Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna
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Princess Donna 2 731 120 Donna
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23-05-2015, 03:50
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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