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Cherrys Test Pd

Cherrys Test Pd

Studio: Insex

After her interview, cherry quickly finds herself in a tough predicament with arms bound behind her back and ankles and knees tied. PD stuffs a cloth in the distressed damsels mouth then lifts her onto the ground to smack and kick her as she writhes in resistance. Pulled up onto her feet, she still will not give in; she struggles against PD as he rips off her buttoned blouse, removes her bra and plays with her voluptuous, fleshy breasts. He spanks her exposed ass, covers her head with a plastic bag, then leaves his feisty half-dressed victim alone to hop around in her high heels. Completely disrobed, cherry is up onto her toes. With one leg tied and held up, she leans forward, wobbling unsteadily as she is fucked with a dildo and vibrated. PD raises her into a suspension to torment her as she dangles defenselessly. She is next suspended upside down with legs bent and open and the end of a rope gag tethering her to the floor. She swings and flails in midair, futilely struggling as PD flogs her tits and pussy. Held in a hogtie suspension, her legs are splayed open and back is arched. PD thrusts Mr. Pogo into her wet cunt and uses the dildo to swing her back and forth. Seated on a cage, she suffers under the weight of wrist and ankle stocks. A metal speculum opens her hole wide. The eroscillator sends her into a panting, drooling frenzy; she comes quickly, her whole body convulsing. PD continues to torture her with the vibrator. Leather extending from cherrys nipple rings to her toes impedes movement even more. She is left alone with Mr. Pogo deep in her cunt and the vibrator still working on her clit.

Format: avi

Duration: 40:54

Video: 640x480, XviD, 749kbps

Audio: 125kbps

Cherrys Test Pd Cherrys Test Pd
Cherrys Test Pd Cherrys Test Pd

Cherrys Test Pd
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Cherrys Test Pd
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