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Love From Above

Love From Above

Studio: Insex

Dangling by her ankles with her face in 625s cunny, koko face-fucks, sucks, and bites. She even gives 625 a little kiss. Fixed, shocked, and whipped, 625 takes the brunt of PDs amusement until her vulva is raw and juicy. She comes hard at the end, sucking in the full, ripe scent of kokos fuckhole.kokos neck is bolted to the wall, her hands bound behind her back. 625 sits strapped in the arm-eating contraption, her legs splayed wide, a ballgag deep in her mouth. As he kisses her forehead, PD adds a throat tie up, slightly choking 625. The point of his knife kisses the tender sole of her foot, then her inner thigh, and finally, the folds of her cunt. Already, shes drooled from her vulva. He tightens the restrain at her neck and shocks her over and over. Shocks to the rose, body, face, ears, labia. And the asshole. That makes the babe in reality scream.

Format: avi

Duration: 32:49

Video: 720x576, xvid, 1343kbps

Audio: 312kbps

Love From Above Love From Above
Love From Above Love From Above

Love From Above
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Love From Above
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28-10-2015, 15:19
Category: Insex

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