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Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine)

Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine)

Studio: Insex

Cast: 331, Moonshine

Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

331 and moonshine, two damsels in distress, bleat a sorrowful duet as they suffer together on the farm.

Completely stripped with arms bound, PD’s newest victim, moonshine, is escorted out of a remote cabin in the woods and left to stumble barefoot through the brush, blinded by a tight leather hood. Desperately, she calls out to PD, who returns only to pull her leg high up at her side and tie her ankle to a tree. She struggles in this position before giving in to her urge to piss. When PD comes back once again he brings a fresh wooden switch and gives her some pain to distract from the bondage.

Fettered to the tree in a seated position she is spread and vulnerable with a branch keeping her bent legs parted and a spider gag holding her mouth wide open. Languishing in the dirt, she is assaulted by fierce insects’ persistent gnawing. PD adds to her agony, spraying her with his pee. In a kind attempt to protect her from the bugs, he burns one off her skin with a cigarette.

Lead into the barn, moonshine is then introduced to 331, a fiery redhead locked in a hanging cage. PD establishes a close bond between the girls, tethering moonshine’s tongue stud to a bar on the cage floor. Tongue-tied moonshine attempts to mumble questions to 331, who laments their hopeless predicament. Eventually 331 needs to pee and herself all over moonshine’s face and open mouth. Sputtering as she’s squirted, moonshine shuffles in the pee-soaked mud to stay beneath the cage.

Deciding his captives have suffered enough in their torturous positions, PD joins them in the barn. 331 is given a reward for enduring her imprisonment for so long; the vibrator works her into a frantic frenzy. At last she aches from her long ordeal. Sobbing uncontrollably, she backs gingerly out of her cage and collapses on the floor.

But 331 is not allowed much time to dwell on her sorrow and soon finds herself hogtied securely with moonshine at her side, similarly bound. Rocking and wriggling, they inch their way toward a water bowl PD provides.

331, unable to reach the bowl before again falling into PD’s grip, is burdened under the weight of a heavy block of wood. Supporting the cangue on her shoulders, she slowly nears the bowl but is unable to bend her neck down to reach it. Moonshine happily quenches her new friend’s thirst, spitting mouthfuls of water in her direction. When PD comes back he dunks moonshine’s head into the bowl a few times and leaves her coughing and choking to finish drinking.

Locked into another sadistic situation, the ladies are secured on either side of a beam. With ankles cuffed together and wrists and necks surrounded in metal, escape is impossible. Muttering complaints through metal gags, they struggle to give their knees some

Restless, PD unlocks the two and orders them to race. Still in their metal restraints, they wobble, stumble, and crawl across the barn’s hay-strewn floor, competing to be allowed to rub their captor’s cock.

After receiving her reward for winning the race, 331 is spread-eagled and tied down. Leaning back with legs open, the runner-up, moonshine, accepts her punishment in a shocking encounter with a copper wand.

Next, PD tightens a plastic bag around 331’s head and allows her an orgasm. Undulating and moaning, she pulls at her rope restraints as she comes almost instantly. Satisfied for the moment, she begs for him to stop when he continues to torture her sensitive clit.

In the end, moonshine, suspended in a hanging cage, fills the barn with a rich melody. 331, strangling in a noose below, dances on tiptoe to the tune. Brought down to her knees, she licks PD’s crotch voraciously. When he begins to grope her throbbing pussy, 331 joins in the serenade, moaning and gasping, grateful for the brief moments of mercy her tormentor allows.

Format: real

Duration: 1:21:57

Video: 424x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine) Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine)
Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine) Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine)

Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine)
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Insex - Aria (331, Moonshine)
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