Kali Kane

Kali Kane

Studio: Intotheattic

29 year old Kali Kane was kind enough to pay us a visit. Kali started her day off sucking Luther for your enjoyment. It was fun watching her gag on it, then fuck it and then gag on it again.Next scene has her in a hogtie where she was made to struggle her way over to where I sit on the floor with a large ejaculating dildo in my pants. Once she made her way over to where I was sitting she did her duty by sucking me, er, the dildo off. She did a great job because that dildo shot a big wad of cum right in her face and hair. Of course, since she made the mess we had her lick up any that hit the floor. Afterward she received a nice pussy spanking for her efforts followed by the insertion of Big Blue in her box. You get some nice close shots of that cunt being fucked. She gets awfully wet in this scene. Of course, we pull out Big Blue and wipe her juice all over her face and have her suck it off. We finish this scene up with a combination Big Blue fucking and Hitachi orgasm combination. She has a nice toe curling O.Next scene has Kali secured to the Objectification Platform by her neck in a squatting position wearing heels. The Cunt Cam catches all the juicy action --like that big wad of cum that keeps wanting to drip out of her cunt. We dont waste any time sucking her clit into the acrylic tube and wiping her juice all over her face. Next she gets electrodes applied to her nipples and a good pussy/tit whipping.The last scene has Kali bound standing in a box tie with her leg drawn up to the ceiling. A large ball gag is inserted and once again we juice up her nipples. Shes then whipped, caned and flogged and fucked with Big Blue. The Cunt Cam catches all the action from down below. She is rewarded with a messy orgasm ripped from her loins.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 41:57

Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 683kbps

Audio: 62kbps

Kali Kane Kali Kane
Kali Kane Kali Kane

Kali Kane
File size: 230.2 MB

Kali Kane
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13-05-2015, 02:14
Category: IntoTheAttic
Tags: Whipping

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