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Roped Romola Tyler

Roped Romola Tyler

Studio: Intotheattic

21 year aged Romola drove down from the Seattle area for her first ever bondage shoot. After spending a little time obtaining to know her in the interview we summarily rope her elbows and wrists together behind her back and have her obtain undressed for us. When she finally got her shirt unbuttoned I was pleased to see she had on a cute darn hot corset looking garment underneath. Very sexy in reality. Thats when we had her obtain on her knees and start sucking Luther off. She was happy to gag on Luther, several times, without being told to.Next scene has Romola tightly roped to the post wearing those lovely shoes of hers. A very large, red ball gag is then inserted into her mouth. Things really heat up for Romola now. First she gets a titty flogging that has those 34Ds bouncing after each strike. Then she receives a rose flogging, then Clover clamps on her nips, followed by some hard spanking on her butt and inner thighs. It clearly is uncomfortable for her. She is given a brief respite with the Hitachi. She is brought to the point of O and denied. After the 2nd request to be allowed to cum she starts to beg for it. Of course, we put the Hitachi not here and give her a serious titty canning. OK folks, this hurts. While she receives the canning she drifts off into sub space, her jaw sort of falls loose and that large red ball gag sinks a little further into her mouth. We make her tell us how bad it hurts. And if it doesnt hurt enough we cane them some more. By the end of this scene shell have something to performance for it –and she does. Shes a real excellent chick that Romola. Shes in pain and that ball gag is so large shes having difficulty with it. Often we see her try to out but she just cant do it. Instead, loads of slobber pour out. I promised her after the titty canning she can have that orgasm. But I modify my mind and strike her badly with the thumper instead. Now she is allowed that O she so desperately needs –and in fact, it turns out to be three hard Os in charming hasty succession

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Duration: 1:55:31

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Roped Romola Tyler Roped Romola Tyler
Roped Romola Tyler Roped Romola Tyler

Roped Romola Tyler
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Roped Romola Tyler
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