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Ash showed up and told JR how much she dislikes getting an enema. So he leaves her dressed, wraps a chain around her waist and manacles her wrists to it, then marches her to the old out building and puts a collar around her neck. He attaches a chain to the collar and then attaches the other end to the ceiling above her. to stand in heels that are too tight and too small for her, he then puts a spreader bar between her legs. That's followed by a giant black ball gag stuffed in her face hole. After fucking with her by placing a clear bag over her head he pulls her jeans down and gives her a 4 qt. enema. She moans out in displeasure, holding her stomach from the cramps she feels inside.

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Ash Ash
Ash Ash

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24-04-2014, 11:46
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