We Deliver

We Deliver

Studio: Jayedwards

Lovely Whitney, relaxing at home, hears a knock at the door: a delivery man has brought her rope from the local hardware store. Whitney didnt order any rope but her insensitive treatment of this hardworking guy gets her more than she bargained for. Quickly bound and gagged, she struggles on the sofa and on the floor; then in a chair; and stretched to the ceiling and more. With one leg in the bent position and the other leg on the floor, Whitney is once again in a unique and unusual Jay Edward position. Throughout her bondage day, Jay taunts and teases this gorgeous lady. He applies a sensual whipping at different points; an erotic spanking; nipple clamps; crotch ropes. In the bed scene, Jay has a special way of tightening Whitneys gag -- and it keeps her chin nice and high. Dressed in street clothes, garter belt and stockings or high heels, her lovely body wiggles and turns for your enjoyment. Jay finally lets his busty captive loose and it seems she doesnt want him to leave! Were next treated to lovely blonde Jennifer ties in four extremely tight positions -- she is quite the little spitfire. Dressed and undressed, Jennifer is spanked and teased by Jay in just the way she wants it. Its obvious that this is not her first time in ropes!

Format: avi

Duration: 1:14:59

Video: 720x536, XviD, 1464kbps

Audio: 125kbps

We Deliver We Deliver
We Deliver We Deliver

We Deliver
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We Deliver
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18-03-2015, 01:02
Category: Jay Edwards
Tags: Bondage

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