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A Matter Of Security

A Matter Of Security

Studio: Jayedwards

Tiffany Westwood (Bambi) may be rich and beautiful but shes no angel. In fact, the opening of this video finds her sneaking through her wealthy daddys darkened house to phone her bad-boy lover! To make matters worse, theres a plot to kidnap her afoot but she wont take the threat seriously. Fortunately, daddy has brought in one of his top security advisors, Jay Edwards, to keep an eye (and a firm grip) on Tiffany until the intended kidnappers are apprehended. Jays main problem is that Tiffany doesnt want to be protected -- shed rather be off with her bad-boy lover. Jays methods may seem a bit out of the ordinary but they are certainly effective: he keeps her tightly bound and gagged! Plus, as extra incentive to keep her in the house, he allows her to wear only minimal lingerie and high, high heels. At first, Tiffany is outraged by his actions. She huffs and pouts and causes so much trouble that he must toughen the bondage and discipline just to keep her in line. Will Jay be able to contain this spoiled brat until the mysterious kidnappers can be caught? What do you think? Following this fully-scripted story are four scenes of hot newcomer Sabrina bound different ways to a post and a stool, including a suspension. These positions arent easy but the submissive Sabrina seems quite aroused by the bondage as she snaps her garter strap against her ass cheek or sneaks a hand up to caress one breast. Ballgags, med-wrap, tit clamps and lots of fondling keep her very busy. This girl is hot stuff!

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Duration: 1:30:19

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A Matter Of Security A Matter Of Security
A Matter Of Security A Matter Of Security

A Matter Of Security
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A Matter Of Security
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21-04-2015, 00:31
Category: Jay Edwards
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