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Educating Alex

Educating Alex

Studio: Jayedwards

Jay Edwards welcomes yet another new model to his stable of submissives: a lusty blonde with what appears to be a very real interest in bondage and submission! Jay carries Alex in already bound and ballgagged. Shes wearing a sheer crotchless catsuit with heels and Jay cant seem to decide what to do with her first. As he paws at her defenseless body, she actually giggles in delight. Youre not supposed to be having that much fun, girlie -- time to jack up the pressure a bit! Maybe some tight clamps on her nipples will do the trick? Yes, those do seem to get her attention. Next, we find Alex nude, barefoot and frogtied, rolling on the floor and fondling her own bare soles and asscheeks. Jay enters and reminds her what this afternoon is all about with a little rough play. Bound only in black stockings and gloves, Alex seems to be enjoying her predicament a bit less now, if her whimpers and moans are any indication. The strict hogtie Jay puts her in actually renders her completely motionless on the floor! She wears the same ensemble for a tall-stool-tie that brings with it two sets of nipple clamps attached up to her ballgag! Now shes bound on a chair, dressed in only red lingerie and heels and more cruel nipple clamps attached, this time, to her gags chin strap. Alexs final scene is a lotus tie on the chair with yet another set of biting nip-clips. (Were willing to bet this gal wouldnt let anyone near her poor nipples for a while after this shoot!) Chestnut-haired beauty Morgan is up next, with three sexy scenes. Morgan is quite the tall lady and Jay has so much female flesh to fondle! She endures clothespins and clamps on her nipples, not to mention a hoisted crotchrope and a taut standing-spreadeagle where she is man-handled to no end.

Format: real

Duration: 1:30:41

Video: 360x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Educating Alex Educating Alex
Educating Alex Educating Alex

Educating Alex
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Educating Alex
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18-06-2015, 14:22
Category: Jay Edwards
Tags: Bondage

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