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Kitty Tells Tales

Kitty Tells Tales

Studio: Jayedwards

We open on TV gossip columnist Kitty Katshaw (Tory) telling her audience of the supposed details of a fund-raising party thrown by wealthy developer Jay Edwards. Unnamed sources claim that several scantily-clad young beauties disappeared from the party for short periods of time along with the host -- not something a well-known businessman wants spread around town. What to do? Why, invite Ms. Katshaw over to discuss the matter, of course. We next find Jay trying to reason with Kitty but she steadfastly refuses, informing Jay that nothing can change her story. Not a wise move on her part; in short order shes tied up on the floor! Jay enters and stuffs a ballgag into her protesting mouth. He pulls open her suit jacket to bind and fondle her breasts. Stripped down to her garter belt, hose, and heels, shes standing in the corner, crotchroped and bound to a bookcase. Shes then bound strappado over the bed railing where she receives a whipping on her vulnerable ass. Shes sitting in the corner, her legs and wrists pulled wide by ropes, with rope around her neck her to sit up straight. Jay applies nipple clamps and weights them with a padlock. Now, shes on one knee; one ankle is pulled up and suspended behind her; her arms are pulled taught in front of her and theres a rope leashed around her throat. Jay flogs her backside then grabs the rope harnessed around her body and flips her over onto his lap! Setting her back on that one knee, he tightens several ropes until she can do nothing more than groan and pant around her drool-covered ballgag. Next, Kittys sitting with a spreader bar between her ankles and another bar holding her elbows back. Jay removes the red ballgag, then stuffs white cloth between her lips and seals that in with white med-wrap. He then flips her onto her stomach and hogties her with a rope running to the ceiling. Finally, Kittys bound to a pole with plastic clips pinching her breasts and thighs. Jay squeezes her breasts and slips a vibrator under her crotchrope, causing her to purr with pleasure. Will Kitty ever give in? Eves turn: shes ballgagged and semi-suspended from her wrists against a post. The extra-long spreader bar causes her heels to continually slip out from under her on the slick concrete floor. She struggles as Jay flogs her tits, belly and thighs. Next, shes kneeling in front of the post in a demanding strappado variation as Jay applies harsh clamps to her needy nipples. Finally, standing again, her knotted crotchrope is tethered to the ceiling winch while Jay tightens nooses around her nipples and presses three strips of sticky duct tape over her ballgag.

Format: real

Duration: 1:26:04

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Kitty Tells Tales Kitty Tells Tales
Kitty Tells Tales Kitty Tells Tales

Kitty Tells Tales
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Kitty Tells Tales
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