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D-Cup Discipline 5

D-Cup Discipline 5

Studio: Jayedwards

We start with dusky Donita in a tight lotus-fold. Jay tightly rope-wraps her huge breasts on camera as she begins to pant in anticipation. Bound on her knees, she can barely move as Jay teases her tits and thighs with the whip -- her soft moans telling us that she wants more. Blonde Sharon starts out in an unusual position, bound lying on her side with one ankle hoisted towards the ceiling, then she is to stand in 5 heels, roped tightly around her boobs and legs. More rope is added and soon shes tottering on the hoisted crotchrope pulled up between her trembling thighs! Super-busty Summer (in her first-ever session with Jay) starts out standing in 5 heels, thoroughly tit-tied and available for Jays amusement. Later, shes in a strict kneeling strappado with one of her legs frog-tied. All the better for Jay to tease her lush mounds! Sexy submissive Brittany is tightly fastened to the slave chair and pleasure-whipped (with a pole-mounted dildo waiting directly beneath her crotch), then she kneels, bound between two posts so that Jay can deliver an incredibly erotic whipping to her upturned ass! Finally, lovely Hollywood is post-tied while Jay clamps her sweet nipples and hoists her crotchrope towards the ceiling, then shes bound standing with a wicked crossbar wedged between her thighs. Jay teases her tits with the whip and leaves her to contemplate her vulnerable predicament!

Format: real

Duration: 1:42:32

Video: 640x424, RV40

Audio: 46kbps

D-Cup Discipline 5 D-Cup Discipline 5
D-Cup Discipline 5 D-Cup Discipline 5

D-Cup Discipline 5
File size: 191.7 MB

D-Cup Discipline 5
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30-07-2015, 00:35
Category: Jay Edwards
Tags: Whipping

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