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Torys Final Lesson

Torys Final Lesson

Studio: Jayedwards

Tory plays a dominatrix who feels she may be losing her touch with her clients. They just wont do what I tell them anymore. she tells Jay. He thinks its time for a refresher course in dominance and submission. Tory protests as Jay ties her to the slave chair -- especially when he pulls the crotchrope between her legs -- but her complaints are stifled by the belled ballgag he s into her mouth. As she kneels against a short post, Jay whips her tits and then pulls her wrists up high behind her. The next scene features Tory on a stool, in an ass-out position that you just know will eventually become a full suspension. As she sits in a fold position on the floor, Jay s Tory up into a semi-suspension, then adds more ropes and hoists her into another full suspension. Sitting cross-legged and cross-armed, Tory protests that shes trying as hard as she can to meet Jays demands. Try harder. he says. For her final lesson, Tory is tightly bound with thin chain that pushes deep into her flesh. It hurts and she can barely move -- now, she is finally learning something. Blonde beauty Carolyn shines in four scenes that show off her breath-taking body. She kneels, her elbows together and her legs frog-tied, as Jay s three large white hankies into her mouth and seals them in with med-wrap; then he whips and clamps her glorious tits. In the next scene -- a compact box-tie with breast bondage -- Jay wraps a roll of med-wrap over the large ballgag that fills her mouth. An elbows-together standing strappado position leaves her round ass vulnerable to Jays whip and her tits ready for clamping. An elbows-together kneeling position on the girlie-go-round allows him to harshly clamp her pink nipples and slip a vibrator under her crotchrope as we watch her squirm.

Format: real

Duration: 1:34:24

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Torys Final Lesson Torys Final Lesson
Torys Final Lesson Torys Final Lesson

Torys Final Lesson
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Torys Final Lesson
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