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The Nightmare

The Nightmare

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Stories taking place at a headmaster’s office form a separate series during which we will get to know not only the governor of the educational lyceum himself, but also many of its inmates. Needles to say that their frequent visits to the headmaster’s office are far from being pleasant. The respectable character of the governor is not devoid of various – sometimes rather antagonistic – peral qualities. After all, he is only human like everybody else, isn’t he? Sometimes prudent and smiling, sometimes frowning and serious, always educated and wise, but very often prone to anger and quick-tempered. Especially those inmates of his institution committing immoral, undignified and inappropriate offences can awake his just anger – there are plenty of reas for this. The headmaster has two simple and clear principles: the cane can save young girls from going to hell and who spares the rod spoils the . That is why this good and wise man has a special polished mahogany table next to his office desk with several rows of different-sized canes and why his office is dominated by an ancient bench used for administering various kinds of punishment to the offenders. This bench is guaranteed to have left its imprint in memories of whole generations of students. Let us have a closer look at their everyday life.

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The Nightmare The Nightmare
The Nightmare The Nightmare

The Nightmare
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The Nightmare
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