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Love Story

Love Story

Studio: Mood Pictures

Eastern European countries had boarding schools with very strict rules. This movie is about three girls, jealousy and intrigue. Monica has stolen Christinas boyfriend, so she decided to take vengeance. There is a wicked plan to get back the boyfriend, the innocent girl gets the punishment, but finally the turns against the vicious girl and she receives the pain and tears back. Cheerful 23-year-old Andrea is all excited waiting for her boyfriend, Peter to arrive from a trip. When the bell rings she is shocked to see Lydia, a gorgeous black-haired lady as she was expecting her boyfriend Peter . Unfortunately, it turns out that they share the same boyfriend. Peters shows up and offers a perfect settlement: love caning. In the beginning it seems like fun, but it turns into a brutal struggle. Each girl receives 50 painful full-strength strokes. Peters gives up, so the two girls have to cane each other

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Love Story Love Story
Love Story Love Story

Love Story
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Love Story
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