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Dark Room 1

Dark Room 1

Studio: Moodpictures

Katies is held in prison for abuse. Katie visits a private detective, since she cannot get in contact with her , who refuses every attempt to visit her. Something is very strange The detective advises Katie to go into the prison with a forged court order. Once Katie is inside she immediately discovers the first obstacle. There is a secret V.I.P Suite which is filled with girls chosen by the prison headmistress. Only a few guards know about this cell. These girls are tortured for any misbehavior, and furthermore, once a week they are tortured in a dark room in front of a crowd of people. Sometimes the tortured girls are never seen again alive. Who may be these sadistic people in cassocks? Will Katie find her in the prison? Youll find out if you watch this dramatic movie!

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 41:34

Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1904kbps

Audio: 62kbps

Dark Room 1 Dark Room 1
Dark Room 1 Dark Room 1

Dark Room 1
File size: 460.5 MB

Dark Room 1
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2-06-2015, 14:01
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