» » Shithead Part 2

Shithead Part 2

Shithead Part 2

Release Year: 2013

Genres: Bondage, Humilation, Torture, BDSM

Video language: English

Alisha Adams has one hell of a hot pussy, but we think we can spice it up. All it takes is a bright red candle with its little orange flame. We use her like a candle holder, just pushing the lit stick into her pussy, letting the flames lick at her thighs when she tenses.. Or maybe it is better to just hang it over her while she is swinging, inverted, and see where the wax falls.
While we get her set up for the fucking machine we have some fun with Alani Pi, too. She has been patiently waiting for our attention and we give her just enough to get her wet before turning back to our main attraction.

Format: mp4

Duration: 55:15

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7281kbps

Audio: 107kbps

Shithead Part 2 Shithead Part 2
Shithead Part 2 Shithead Part 2

Shithead Part 2
File size: 3.0 GB

Shithead Part 2
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31-05-2015, 04:15
Tags: Bondage

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