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SB - Aria Alexander

SB -  Aria Alexander

Release Year: 2015

Genres: BDSM, Big Dick, Black Cock, Black Hair, Blindfold, Blow job, Chair Tie, Cut Clothing, Face Fucking, Interracial, Long Hair, Natural Breast, Newbie, Pale Skin, Slave Bj Training, Slave Girl Training, Small Tits

Video language: English

We have this elegant fucktoy blindfold herself to get the party started and bind her arms behind her, reducing her to just a mouth for our use. The blindfold cuts off all vision and focuses her attention on her only task. To suck the cock as if it was life-giving air. Aria takes to her task like the natural born slut she was meant to be. We are just getting started on breaking in the new girl however, and drop her to her knees.

The facefucking picks up pace and the two dicks tag team out her face pussy as Aria sputters and drools around the reshaping out her throat. Back and forth her head is passed like a game of tetherball before we rip off the blindfold and cut of her dress. Goodbye dress, hello pussy. Once the present is unwrapped it is time for the main course.

A stool is brought in and we drape our present over it, leaving both ends perfectly exposed. Aria is promptly tuned into a sex sandwich as she cums all over the cocks stuffed balls deep. She is fucked so hard and fast her eyes rattle in her skull, leaving her breathless. Poor Aria. This was just the meet and greet. Now that she is properly warmed up we will have to really go for it. Stay tuned...

Format: mp4

Duration: 18:24

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6751kbps

Audio: 105kbps

SB -  Aria Alexander SB -  Aria Alexander
SB -  Aria Alexander SB -  Aria Alexander

SB -  Aria Alexander
File size: 924.4 MB

SB -  Aria Alexander
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