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Taste Of Pleasure

Taste Of Pleasure

Studio: Societysm/Dungeoncorp

Cheries chained on the floor, struggling to escape when Ogre intercepts that ploy and gives her a paw over before laying her out on the dirty, dungeon floor. Then, dragged to the Wall of Pain, where shes lambasted with the floggers. Shed surely prefer a bit of pleasure at this point, and unfortunately for her, her Master isnt quite ready as he administers the blows in a bit heavier fashion before clamping her hearty nipples. Cherie in turn writhes in discomfort When shes stocked up on the cube, now she has a vibe mashed against her cunt. And here she receives a taste of pleasure with her pain…Then bent for an ass reddening walloping and Ogre gives her a bit more joy as her pussy is filled, Cherie to a deep orgasmic wave. For the finale she is inverted from the rafters cunt roped and vibed before being tied off and stretched for one last flogging.

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:02:06

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1463kbps

Audio: 46kbps

Taste Of Pleasure Taste Of Pleasure
Taste Of Pleasure Taste Of Pleasure

Taste Of Pleasure
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Taste Of Pleasure
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24-04-2015, 01:06
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