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Darling Cherry Torn

Darling Cherry Torn

Studio: Topgrl

They say that a woman knows what a woman needs. They say that there is no substitute for a womans touch on a womans body. Cherry Torn certainly knows quite a bit about Darling and what makes her tick. While theyre talking before play time even begins Darling is spilling her guts on her turn ons and her fears and Cherry is taking very careful notes, planning a devious day of domination. Verbal abuse is almost as effective on Darling as the physical stuff is. She loves being talked down to and humiliated while being beaten and fondled. She isnt shy about how much she loves being used. She moans like a whore every time Cherry goes anywhere near her pussy and when she does have an orgasm she squirts and screams like it is her first time. Cherry wants more than to just make Darling suffer and scream, though. She has needs of her own. Thats why this is going to end with her mounting up on Darlings pretty little face and getting her pussy licked until she is satisfied that this well trained bisexual slut will never forget the way she tastes. And as a reward for a pussy well licked, Cherry straps on and rides Darling until she has cum so much she can barely keep her legs under her.

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:13:00

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7324kbps

Audio: 111kbps

Darling Cherry Torn Darling Cherry Torn
Darling Cherry Torn Darling Cherry Torn

Darling Cherry Torn
File size: 3.9 GB

Darling Cherry Torn
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24-10-2015, 13:18
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