» » Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003

Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003

Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003

Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: YX, 411

Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

She hangs by her ankles in a dark room. A faint light illuminates her body, naked, ethereal. Her sounds, high-pitched cries and squeals muffled by the gag, echo in the darkness. The rope that pinions her arms behind her also draws back her shoulders, pushing her breasts outward. Dim shapes of the surrounding chamber compose the frame, her shape centered, as though hanging meat can be a thing made divine.

Two headlights come into view, throwing harsh light into the garage. A truck enters. 411's cries multiply. From fear? Expectation? He drags YX into the arena of his desire. Duct tape is plastered over the lower part of her face, clutching her mouth. A single cable tie cuts across, separating her duct-taped lips, keeping the tape tight to her face. Her wrists and ankles are held with cable ties. He leaves her lying on the floor below where 411 hangs. YX struggles, helpless, looking upward at what could well be her future, naked and hanging for who knows how long in a dark and empty garage.

Then it is day. YX and 411 are sitting, smashed against each other... Both are locked, wrist and neck, to a metal bar. Each has a cable tie across the mouth as a gag, though they can still talk.

"He ties me up an watches me, then leaves me alone."

"Don't resist him, it only makes it worse."

"Rest now while you can."

This is the advice that the veteran gives to the new girl.

"He washes your hair. He puts you in this sink and sprays you and scrubs you and hangs you up to dry."

The new girl frets. She is restless. The veteran slumps, her body worn and saturated from all the time she can no longer remember, the things he's done to her, the ropes, the locks, the one after another days and nights left bound, left hanging. Her breasts, her nipples, her labia and clit overflow with the memory of his hands, his ropes.

Format: real

Duration: 29:28

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003 Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003
Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003 Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003

Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003
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Insex - Swallow - YX, 411 2003
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