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Bambi (Donna)

Bambi (Donna)

Studio: Insex

Bambi's debut on Insex begins close, intimately, like you're right there with her, groping, tying, and grabbing her tits. You can almost catch the scent of Bambi as she begins to heat up. She is bound to a post, her eyes and mouth taped. Her pussy is fresh, succulent. The sharp blades of a pair of scissors close about her nipple, then move downward, snipping the small mound of hair left unshaved above her pussy. The scissors open like a dangerous mouth, closing about her clitoris. Bambi takes a sharp breath. But the scissors relent. Instead, a crotch rope is threaded between her legs and tied above. Bambi is left to stew. The tests go on. Her breasts are ballooned, and her nipples tied and clamped. Princess Donna, replete in her red and black latex, takes over, clamping Bambi's labia and tying them to her toes. Within the widened mouth of Bambi's stretched pussy, her clit is a fleshy knob. The opening to her cunt is recessed, pressed tight, like a kiss. The Princess applies a vibrator. Accompanied by repetitive squeals, Bambi comes. The Princess patiently reminds Bambi that she didn't ask to come. Princess Donna will have her revenge. A breast flogging. Though the Princess takes breaks to indulge her mouth with Bambi's rounded nipples and breasts. By the end, Bambi is eager to please the Princess, worming and squirming while in a hogtie.

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Duration: 33:49

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Bambi (Donna) Bambi (Donna)
Bambi (Donna) Bambi (Donna)

Bambi (Donna)
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Bambi (Donna)
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14-05-2014, 19:38
Category: Insex
Tags: Latex

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