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She is ball gagged and naked, save for a pair of panties, and standing on her tip toes in the middle of the room. Her arms are folded back with her wrists tied behind her neck. She is held in place by a length of rope attached to her collar that is tied off to the ceiling. A jar of suppositories rests nearby. When JR comes to find her he reaches for her lesbian breasts and begins to fondle them, grope them. He reaches for her cunt and rubs her clit. After fondling her he has her turn around and shake her ass. He tells her he wants a hard on. When she fails to get him excited he tells her to dance for him, to turn him on, be sexy. Horrified and embarrassed, she begins to move her hips and shake her booty as best she can given her predicament. When he tires of watching how ridiculous she appears, how sorry her dancing is, he pulls her panties down to her ankles and reaches for the container of suppositories. Once she realizes what he is about to do she begins to protest. She wines and even begins to cry. He spreads her ass cheeks wide apart and exposes her bung hole. He quickly slips several in and pushes them deep into her colon with his finger

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 50:20

Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile, 4882kbps

Audio: 375kbps

Lina Lina
Lina Lina

File size: 1.9 GB

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7-04-2015, 01:13
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