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Morgan Manhandled

Morgan Manhandled

Studio: Jayedwards

Lovely, leggy Morgan is back, and this time shes the star of the show! Weve already seen how well this energetic lady handles Jays unforgiving ropework and this time the stars spotlight is directly on her. Slung casually over Jays shoulder, Morgan is all squeals and whimpers. Her red corset and heels are set off nicely by black stockings and gloves. Only her white ballgag doesnt match, so Jay fixes things by re-gagging her with a black ball that he then leashes up to the ceiling. Morgans pretty lotus tie is made all the more uncomfortable by strictly-hammered wrists and a layer of red medwrap over her red ballgag. Jay next moves Morgan from a seated position on a tall stool to a taut hogtie…but not without first taking full manual inventory of her plump breasts! Frogtied on the floor with one wrist roped over her head, poor Morgan can only moan as Jay clips clothespins on her nipples and slaps duct tape over her ballgag. Now our brunette beauty must endure Jays devilish windmill position, complete with nipple clamps, for a sound ass whipping! Morgans last scene is on the wooden slave chair. Removing her ballgag, Jay firmly hand-gags her before strapping a trainer ballgag into her mouth and around her head. With a final tightening of her elbow ropes and a set of wicked clamps on her nipples, Morgan is readied for whatever deviousness Jay might have in mind next! Rounding out the program are three scenes of cute Shay Lynn! As you may remember, Shay is a former gymnast with a flexible body and an appetite for tough bondage. How perfect that she should land in the clutches of Jay Edwards!

Format: real

Duration: 1:34:03

Video: 360x272, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Morgan Manhandled Morgan Manhandled
Morgan Manhandled Morgan Manhandled

Morgan Manhandled
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Morgan Manhandled
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30-07-2015, 00:35
Category: Jay Edwards
Tags: Bondage

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