» » SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014

SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014

SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014

Release Year: 2014

Studio: Sexually Broken

Cast: Lotus Lain, Matt Williams

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Deepthroat, Hardcore, Humilation

Cock sucking champion Lotus Lain delivers brutally epic deepthroat, is totally destroyed by cock!

Today Sexually broken is proud to introduce Lotus Lain, a deep throat champion that we predict you will be seeing a lot more of. While this eager throat slut might be relatively new to the industry, what she might lack in experience she more then makes up for in enthusiasm. This is someone that gives it her all and holds nothing back, which is exactly how we like them here at Sexually broken.

Blindfolded and handcuffed down onto our trusty black fuck chair, Lotus can not see or anticipate the dick. A blindfold and a pair and cuffs is all it takes to reduce this slut into a bag of holes. We walk right up and slide down that well trained throat. It feels like home. She can take it to the base, balls deep, without hesitation. We rip off the blindfold so that we can look into her eyes while skullfucking her. The drool pours out like water and her eyes glass over almost immediately.

Moving quickly, we shift her off the chair and bring her down to her knees. Her makeup is already destroyed and her entire face is slick with her own juices. Lotus is starting to understand why we call this Sexually Broken. We continue to drill her face hole down with the dick, but this is just the warm up. Time for the main course.

Throwing her down on her back on our fuck stool puts Lotus at the perfect height for fucking and sucking. We open the floodgates. It is an unrelenting dicking down, back and forth, owning every inch of her tender holes. All she can do it take it. And she does. This is what someone flying in sexual subspace looks like, and this sort of handling is exactly why they keep coming back begging for more. When we have had our fill, we leave her blasted and dripping in her cum and drool, draped over the fuck stool and twitching slightly. This one was fun.

Format: mp4

Duration: 18:18

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6757kbps

Audio: 104kbps

SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014 SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014
SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014 SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014

SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014
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SB Lotus Lain - May 14, 2014
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