» » Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)

Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)

Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)

Studio: Insex

Genres: Bdsm, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Stunning AZ, exquisite in black body stocking, leather corset, and stiletto heeled boots, returns as Domme. This time around, she torments babydoll, a heavy pain slut and a repeat orgasm slut. From her arsenal, AZ deploys a rapid style of caning, fists, handfuls of clothespins, and a big long strap-on. She fingerfucks, ass-fucks, and fist-fucks babydoll, who lives up to her reputation. AZ builds upon her growing reputation, revealing her sadistic side. And what a nasty, hot sadist AZ turns out to be. AZ begins as merely a presence off to the side as she asks the interview questions. babydoll, eager for some fun, says, "Let her rip." So AZ thoroughly binds babydoll to a chair and starts on her breasts, milking them so hard that drops of liquid seep from her nipples. A very nasty caning of the breasts follows, broken every now and then by a caress or a whispered word, before the beating starts again. AZ nuzzles, bites, squeezes, beats, canes, twists, and punches those breasts. Then fingerfucks babydoll to orgasm.Bound in strappado, nipple clamps and caning get babydoll to screaming. But its the clothespins that push her over the edge. While babydoll is suspended, AZ attaches them in a tight fan across her breasts. They soon bristle from her chest, in a line above her pussy, and along the tops of her feet. Lots and lots of clothespins. babydolls eyes glaze and tears form. Strapping on a big one, AZ fucks babydoll rough. Clothespins fly off. Orgasm after orgasm has babydoll quaking and screaming as AZ pounds the cock in and out, ripping off clothespins. AZ appears to be having the time of her life. As an encore, she fist-fucks babydoll, but the bitch holds on so tight, AZ cant remove her hand. AZs eyes, milky, gaze up at babydolls cunt.In the next position, babydoll hangs in a partial suspension. AZ is merciless with her nipples. She fucks babydolls mouth with Mr. Pogo, then canes her foot until babydoll screams bloody . AZ is nonplussed. She moves on, torturing the other foot. As a finale, babydolls head is locked into a medieval looking brank, and shes chained to a post. A metal bar keeps her ankles spread wide. An ass plug is shoved into babydolls ass and inflated to the max. babydoll wags her butt in excitement . But then the cane comes back, rapidly smacking that lubed ass, calves and thighs. The ass plug shoots out. AZs gloved fingers slide in and plunge her asshole. Before long, much of AZs hand is inside, and babydoll is moaning again, though this time, not from pain.

Format: real

Duration: 55:01

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Babydoll (Az, Babydoll) Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)
Babydoll (Az, Babydoll) Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)

Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)
File size: 297.5 MB

Babydoll (Az, Babydoll)
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12-08-2014, 00:31
Category: Insex
Tags: Bondage

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