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92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex

92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex

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For her second day at the farm, 92 takes heavy caning, an ass hook, teeny meany clothespins, the violet wand, extended whipping with a single-tail, and what seems to be her greatest trial - a vibrator. Every position is distressing, intended to wear her to exhaustion. Her body becomes a mass of crisscrossed welts from the cane and the whip, and little red bite marks from the clothespins.

92 stands, a spreader bar between her knees, her arms roped in an upper body harness, and a head harness tied to the pulley above. She’s caned, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect. So the cane strokes get mean. Red slash marks rise on her ass and thighs. Her mascara drips down her cheeks as she cries.

To give her a rest, she’s put into a hogtie. Her ass is loosened with anal beads. The pain of it creates a pool of drool and snot beneath her face. The ass hook slides in as she weeps.

92’s arms are bound above her head, then down to the middle of her back. Teeny meanies chomp the delicate skin about her breasts. Then a violet wand "kisses" her fattened pussy, her inner thighs, nipples, and breasts. 92 works hard at managing the pain, but she’s soon weeping again. When the vibrator is put to her clit, it seems to be the last straw. She cringes and jerks, then looks away, sobbing.

Bound to a cross, her breasts show the marks from the clothespins. Her pussy is flogged until she asks for the vibrator. But the ministrations of the vibrator seem to have no effect upon her. A single-tail rakes back and forth across her skin. For her, it appears to become a test of endurance. She soon has stripes about her breasts and stomach. The whip is purposefully wrapped around the post, hitting her pussy. By the time that she asks for the vibrator again, nothing will calm her.

Format: real

Duration: 36:57

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex 92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex
92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex 92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex

92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex
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92 At The Farm, Part TwoInsex
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