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411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed

411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed

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411’s 48-hour live feed from May 17-19 in 2002 is titled The Chair because the centerpiece (secondary to 411, of course) is a metal chair upon which she experiences torture and pleasure for the next 48 hours.

Day one begins with 411 sitting in the chair, working on a computer. But soon, she is bound to the chair, her wrists tied back through the bars, ankles bound to the chair rungs, and her neck to the chair back. Gagged with cloth, a clear plastic plate is strapped over her mouth and chin to hold in the gag. Her cunt at this point is a dual crease, the labia slightly swelled. A "cunt torture device", an audio-activated electrical stim, is strapped in place against her pussy. It is fed into the chat voice for maximum effect. She screams each time the voice speaks, a counterpoint to the monotone of the chat voice.

Sheets of metal with lines of protruding nail points, reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, are placed between her body and the chair. She is then strapped very tightly onto these so that they press into her skin. The sheer number of these aggravating bites, when experienced over a period of time, overcomes the mind. A vacuum tube sucks her clit quite far into its throat. Electrodes have been welded into the tube. This time the electric stim is activated by a computer simulated melody. She experiences continual shocks, her body writhing against the straps, her screams at first mild, but soon out of control. Each of her breasts is wrapped with cord to become a taut purple globe, bobbling with each scream. Electrodes are applied to her nipples. The music, which had been temporarily suspended, begins again. She screeches in earnest and starts to weep.

When the tube is removed from between her thighs, her clit extrudes, quite swollen, wrinkled, and misshapen. She is pussy whipped, her pussy having become such a tempting target. Then a vibrator goes to work on her. The clit is bright red and painfully enlarged, ripples of flesh in disarray. She comes, fluid ejecting from her.

411 takes a break to apply her make-up. 731 is brought to her, her arms bound back. 731 is coaxed and prodded until she sucks 411, working that engorged clit back and forth with her tongue. Afterward, the two girls are made to sit facing one another, with 731’s legs hiked up over 411’s. They are bound in this position, their necks strapped together. The flogger alternately works on one and then the other. Bright red slash marks stand out on 411’s highly colored back.

731 is then laid on her back on the chair seat. Her legs are folded onto her chest and her ankles and wrists tied up to the chair back, so that she becomes the seat of the chair. 411 delicately kisses 731’s ass and thighs. Then she sits on the chair made of girl. Pussy meets pussy, one cunt staring into the other. 411 is strapped in place and both of them are gagged. 731’s ass is flogged and tormented. A cigarette tortures two sets of labia, 731’s anal sphincter, and 411’s engorged clit.

After this scene, 411 sits shackled to the chair. A neck corset is laced on, covering the lower part of her face. Her neck and wrists are locked into metal stocks. A tube is fed through a hole in the neck corset. It leads to a bag of water that is overhead, f0rcing her to constantly. The angle of her arms and body within the frame of the chair creates a repeating diagram, a symmetry of form. Clamps squeeze her nipples. A dildo is thrust inside of her and locked into place. Her breasts are suctioned and tied off with rubber bands. The vibrator is positioned at the head of her luscious clit. She moans and squirms.

411 works at her computer afterward, smiling, her back mottled red and striped. One day down. Two to go.

Format: real

Duration: 1:50:10

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed 411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed
411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed 411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed

411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed
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411 First Day In The Chair Live Feed
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