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Cell Feeds 912 120 33

Cell Feeds 912 120 33

Studio: Insex

Cell Feeds is 912s most extraordinary and instructive stress-test to date. It is a compilation of footage from informal live feeds on March 18th, 24th, and 31st. The focus of which is, of course, her incredible breasts. Theyre flogged, caned, clamped, milked, shocked (to the rapid pulse of the Insex chat), and sucked, sucked, sucked.On April 18th, 912 starts unseen, locked in a box. But when PDs cock goes in the glory hole, 912 gets to work sucking him off. On her knees with her arms bound behind her back, her talented mouth works the shaft up and down.Theres been talk on the boards about getting 912s double D breasts to lactate. So the milking machine is her next stop. Shes strapped onto the milking rig, a specialized PD creation. The mouth piece is perfect example of the detailed craftsmanship for which Insex is renowned. The milker sucks at her pussy and then both of her breasts. The fucking machine grinds at her cunt. 912 comes in repeated waves, barely able to move. After the tubes are pulled off, her nipples are engorged, swollen, encircled with deep, red rings where the milking tubes suckled.On April 24th, its time for some ramped up electro-torture. Shes shackled onto "Fluffy" a metal chair that looks to be fresh out of Frankensteins parlor. Electrodes on her nipples, above the breasts, and a solid metal prod jammed up her cunt provide part of the fun. The rest is provided by the Insex chat. The stim is activated via the pulse of the chat – by the length of the phrasing and by the pitch of the sounds generated. She later says that the higher the pitch, the worse the pain. The tones created by the chat come out sounding a little too much like cyber gregorian chant, like a gang of monks are after 912s cunt. At some point, 912 admits that shes enjoying it in a weird sort of way. After she says this, the level is ramped up another notch. Whenever she screams, she stims herself, so it becomes a chicken and egg thing: scream, shock, scream, shock. Soon after, the head of the vibrator is nestled within her labia and clit. 912 screams for pleasure.

Format: real

Duration: 1:17:56

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 94kbps

Cell Feeds 912 120 33 Cell Feeds 912 120 33
Cell Feeds 912 120 33 Cell Feeds 912 120 33

Cell Feeds 912 120 33
File size: 420.5 MB

Cell Feeds 912 120 33
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