Studio: Intotheattic

Genres: Bdsm, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Fetish

Marley made the mistake of telling JR that she has never tried electricity before. So now he has her up in The Attic, tied firmly to The Electric Chair, completely immobile. A panel gag is on her head and gagging her face hole. Drool is running out beneath the panel, down her chin and then down her chest, pooling in her belly button before finally reaching her clit and soaking it. Shes apprehensive and keeps testing her bonds. It is cold up there in the attic and she starts to shiver. Shes been up there awhile before JR comes in to address her. Immediately he turns on the power to the chair until she jerks. Now she cant stop moving. Her arms and shoulders, even her thighs seem to tense up for several seconds and then relax. She lets out just the lowest occasional moan at times. Her breathing has noticeably quickened. Unsatisfied with the level the power is set at JR turns it up a notch and then pulls a clear bag over her head. When the leather cord wrapped around her neck seals it off the bag immediately begins to collapse and fill with each breath. She looks around inside with worry. Her big eyes scanning the walls of her head confinement, concerned it will stick to her face and leave no room for breath. She tries her best to concentrate on the breathing, keeping herself under control. But it is difficult when JR turns the power up further. Her body seizes momentarily and she starts to lose focus. Her brain cant decide what to process –the electricity coursing through her or the growing lack of air in her little head environment. JR gives her a small respite by untying the leather cord around her neck. Its just enough new air to keep her going then cranks the power up higher. It has an immediate effect. Her body is in constant motion, she now makes sounds at a rhythmic pace. She doesnt like to break, to show that something is getting to her. But thats beginning to fall by the wayside now. JR seals the bag off again and rubs her clit with his finger. When he has rubbed her juice all over it he unseals her bag and sticks that finger up her nostril, wiping her cunt juice up in her nose hole before sealing the bag off again. Her breathing is fast now and each inhalation plasters the bag completely against her face. She cant even get enough air to fill her lungs now. She grows panicked which only makes things worse for her. JR lets her have another small dose of fresh air and then seals the bag off again. He repeats this mind fuck for her over and over. She never knows when she will get to fill her lungs. He increases the electricity until she lets out a scream and then pushes the Celebrator against her clit. She throws her head back, bag pressed across her face as she tries to suck in a deep breath. Its exhausting to deal with and she looks like she has run a hundred yard dash. Multiple streams of drool run down her torso. It is just too much to process, her clit, the inability to breath, the electricity that seizes her body –suddenly she breaks. She starts to scream and cry. JR tightens the bag further. One long scream comes out of her, of fear and panic and desperation. She has found herself completely broken.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 41:37

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Marley Marley
Marley Marley

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8-08-2014, 01:15
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