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Release Year: 2014

Considering my personal tastes, some may be surprised that I have reviewed a pure S ; M film.
To be honest I am surprised myself! How did this happen? Quite simple, I have received this disc as a sample from Erosmedia.
I would never have bought it myself. The topic is not for me!
But hey! I like challenges and I am curious! So, I had a look at the film one evening a while ago.
I was very surprised and immediately thought: I will never review this flick! Not for me!
I have nothing to say about it! I put it in a safe place that nobody would find and forgot it.
Then the idea of not being able to write a review about it did not please me! After all, why couldnt I give a kind of objective point of view about it, even if I would never buy it myself?
I rarely flee in front of challenges, so I decided to give a try! Here is the result.
One reason why I have changed my mind about this film is because I have the feeling that the two actresses are into this game.
I mean they dont seem to be there against their will at all and considering the way they tolerate the pain, they must be trained.
That made it more acceptable to me as I dont mind if people like to get some pain for their pleasure. Every taste is in nature ...
So, to make myself clear: I am not into such S ; M action! I like sex when it is about pleasing the partner not about pain!
Keep this in mind while reading, okay?
You could be afraid that I give a good rate to this film because I did not pay for it and Erosmedia would have a deal with me.
This is not the case! Erosmedia did not request a review.
I have a good contact with Maria who is working for them and she sent me the sample without any special request. Period!

Format: avi

Duration: 1:55:29

Video: 576x432, XviD, 961kbps

Audio: 125kbps

historytorture6 historytorture6
historytorture6 historytorture6

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4-11-2014, 01:22
Category: HistoryTorture

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