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I’ve got a small camp and bait shop not far from the reservoir. Bill’s Bait. You never know what kind of trash will come by, so I keep a knife handy, spending my hours whittling. I make all sorts of useful things to poke inside of whores.

You see, I go fishing every now and then, but not with a hook and pole. I fish for whores. I never met a cunt that wasn’t a whore in some way. That means it doesn’t take long to snag myself one. I go for pretty, young whores that are sweet and soft. And they scare up easy, like a gaggle of crows. So they end up being a lot of fun. Better than TV.

Me and the woods are buddies. Everything talks to me, every rock and tree and spot of ground. Even the thunderstorm tells me what to do with these whores. So out of respect for the woods, I put a girl someplace where varmints will come sniffing around, or I’ll stand her on an anthill, or put some sowbugs in her cunt.

Don’t know what it is about whores and bugs. They got this revulsion thing. The whores I mean. Bugs, on the other hand, love wet cavities like caves, like the insides of rotted trees, like a whore’s wet pussy and mouth.

Take this one young thing. I tied her waist and arms to a tree and a tight leather tie around her neck. She was belly aching and causing a fuss. So I pinched her nasty tongue between two sticks and tied them tight between her jaw. It didn’t shut her up all the way, but I thought she looked better like that, tears pouring down that poor whore’s cheeks. I guess she should of thought of that before she started whoring around.

I pulled her feet off the ground and put a lot of nice bugs on her, then left her hanging for a bit. Actually, I just left her for the rest of the night. By morning, she was real quiet, a special girl. I asked her if she was ready to spend some time on the ground. She nodded, her eyes and cheeks red. She had no what I had in mind. I’d already taken her friend out of the house and made her dig a hole. She was a good, strong whore, one of the few that can be made to do a lick of work. I brought the other one over from her tree. Oh, she wasn’t happy when she saw that hole. By then, I guess she had learned a thing or two about me.

I just love rope. Rope and branches. That’s how I keep my girls.

Anyway, I tied her knees to her chest so she was folded up real pretty. Then I sat her down in the hole. I planted her like a tree. I filled in dirt up to her neck and tamped it down. I didn’t water her just yet. That was for later.

Plastic bags around a whore’s head gives them a special look. Besides, whore’s eyes can make you sleepy and get you to let down your guard because they’re like rattlers, which is why I hood them most the time.

I stuck a bag over her poor head. Oh she howled. She made an awful noise. That didn’t last for long as she ran out of air.

Damn that makes me hard.

I got myself off on that, then I decided I wasn’t done with her just yet. I cut a hole in the bag and put a tube in her mouth. I thought she looked better with dirt covering her head. Just a mound poking up like ants had been busy.

I laid down and took a rest. Catching whores is a lot of work. And I needed to catch me another one, because I wasn’t finished yet. I snagged one right off. Must have been my lucky day. I made a tripod over a mud hole and hung the new whore upside down, ass backwards. Her hands were roped behind her back. I taped a tube in that whore’s mouth just like I did the other one. Tubes are standard procedure with whore-girls. At first I liked dunking her in the muck and hauling her back up. That was hot. Then I got bored and just left her head buried in it. She kept popping up, shooting mud out of her tube so she could breathe. Too bad about that breathing thing. It’s always making them fussy, these girls.

Yeah. She looked like she was smeared with shit. Because that’s what whores are anyway. They’re dirty, covered in shit. They get all inside a man’s pants and make him do things he regrets. So I’m just helping these whores to see their dirty ways.

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Insex_Cuntree_Revisited_Shon Insex_Cuntree_Revisited_Shon
Insex_Cuntree_Revisited_Shon Insex_Cuntree_Revisited_Shon

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