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Insex - Tamed - 822 2005

Insex - Tamed - 822 2005

Release Year: 2005

Studio: Insex

Cast: 822

Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Cyd scores big with Tamed, creating a “hard-hitting,” awe-inspiring Insex classic. Butting heads with enfant terrible 822, Cyd attempts to whip her into shape, braising 822’s tight body. But 822’s smart mouth won’t let up. So she’s locked into the bifurcation wall and treated to a heady mix of needles, electricity, and a cane. 822 weeps. She begs. She falls to pieces.

Tamed begins with 822 locked into metal stocks. A pussy flogging brings forth hysterical laughter from her. From there, her behavior only gets worse. She’s partly suspended and tied so that her arms are bent over her head and down to her back. The gag in her mouth creates a constant string of drool. She gnashes at him, trying to bite him. He attaches nasty clips on tender skin. She emits the incomparable 822 screech, screaming and twisting. After this display, she’s strapped to a rail and pussy whipped again. Then her arms are stretched above her head and she’s horse-whipped. A tangled mass of whip marks colors her skin. She turns first one way, then the other, protecting her breasts. So he purposefully wraps the whip around her body. The tip tears at her breasts.

On her hands and knees, 822’s neck is chained in five directions. He’s locked her ankles locked down, but her hands are free. She busily unscrews a shackle. Repeated shocks from the cattle prod slow her down. But she’s bratty. She sticks out her tongue. She throws a disingenuous kiss. Finally, her wrists are locked behind her back. She’s presented with a dildo. She bites it. She spits. He brings out the “elephant trunk” and wails away on her ass. 822 taunts Cyd relentlessly, matching him stroke for stroke. Before long, her ass is so welted up, she’s as red as a bitch in heat. But she once again bites the prick when it’s presented. More whipping. Mr. Pogo penetrates her cunt. A leather paddle whacks away at her. She finally agrees to lick Ms Pogo, complaining about the taste of baby powder.

Format: real

Duration: 1:26:35

Video: 320x240, RV40

Audio: 62kbps

Insex - Tamed - 822 2005 Insex - Tamed - 822 2005
Insex - Tamed - 822 2005 Insex - Tamed - 822 2005

Insex - Tamed - 822 2005
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Insex - Tamed - 822 2005
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