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Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine

Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine

Release Year: 2003

Studio: Insex

Cast: Moonshine

Genres: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber

Video language: English

Carmoon is the record of Caroline's and Moonshine's first appearances on Insex, involving the extended predicament and resulting humiliation of being chained and then tied closely together. As you will see, uncomfortably close.

Both are handcuffed with wrists behind their backs. Their necks are chained together, and one ankle of each is shackled to the other. They sit on a small stool, scooting and sliding around to try to fit on the small seat. As they move back and forth, we get glimpses beneath their skirts. Underwear, Caroline's white, Moonshine's cherry red.

As they both answer the host of introductory Insex questions, we learn that Moonshine studied opera in college. "Though", she adds, "It's pretty hard to imagine at the moment."

Red cloth is fed into Caroline's mouth, bulging her cheeks, stuffing it full. The cloth matches her bright red blouse and Moonshine's underwear. A thick black metal U-bolt is set into Moonshine's mouth and locked behind her head. Her pink lips lie on either side of the unforgiving rod across her mouth.

They are told to get on their knees. They manage it, but then a chain is locked between ankles and necks, restricting their movement further. They shift and squirm to a sitting position to relieve the pain of kneeling. Their bodies wind, interlock, arms and legs stretched here and there to relieve stress.

Caroline is instructed to remove one of Moonshine's laced leather boots. More squirming. They try to talk through the gags, making strange noises as they learn to cooperate in their predicament. They remove their underwear at a command, wriggling and worming until two pairs of panties hang limp on the ankle shackles.

They are ordered onto their knees, faces to the floor. They pull their short black skirts up off their asses. Caroline's cheeks are pink, round, and lush. Moonshine has olive skin, slim cheeks, and darkened slit. They are ordered to spread their cheeks. They are now nothing but stock ready for inspection. Caroline's clean, thin pussy is weighted with two clit rings and one labial. She is inspected with a pair of forceps, her labia growing more pink from the pulling outward of each labial lip.

Moonshine's four labia rings and two inner rings gleam, setting off her fattened labia and dark, damp pussy. The forceps pull at her, revealing how wet and swelled she has become with this specialized attention.

They are ordered onto their stomachs. So much meat rolling on the floor. No wonder the cattle prod is used on them. Are these girls, or are they beef?

The next set of positions begins with Caroline's upper body wrapped with rope as though trussed to roast. Her arms are bound behind in a Japanese Cradle. A lower harness trusses her pelvis and thighs. Her ankles are tied, giving her approximately six inches in which to take a step. Her eyes are taped with red cloth across them also. Moonshine is kneeling, her wrists tied crossed and bound to her waist. One leg has been bound thigh to ankle. She is roped around her neck and led to Caroline's ass. The rope about Moonshine's neck is drawn between Caroline's legs and tied tightly to her waist. Moonshine's hair is tied to Caroline's back. Moonshine's face is now inextricably buried in Caroline's ass.

As he humiliates them by calling them in first one direction, and then the other, they shuffle and crawl, looking like some new and exotic freak show cow, the Carmoon.

Then Caroline is placed on her knees. Moonshine's face is still buried in that sumptuous butt. They are both caned. He pulls on Moonshine's tits as though he's milking his prize cow. Caroline collapses onto her side, dragging Moonshine behind, face to ass. The Eroscillator goes after Moonshine's gleaming wet pussy. She moans, breathing heavily, getting deep gulps full of Caroline's heady butt and cunt. Caroline begins to feel the sensual arousal from Moonshine's moans and breath, in, out, in, out over her thin, clean neatly pierced pussy. The Eroscillator grinds into Moonshine's drenched clit. We see two bodies from the side, both rocking, attached ass to face. Carolyn's plush breasts spill between the ropes.

The end is a short follow up interview of the two after the shoot is finished. Both are dressed. When moonshine is asked why she gets so wet during bondage, she gets rather embarrassed. As we know by now, this introduction is not her last experience with Insex bondage.

Format: real

Duration: 1:47:39

Video: 320x240, RV30

Audio: 43kbps

Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine
Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine

Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine
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Insex - Moonshine (Live Feed From May 31, 2003) - Moonshine
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