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IntoTheAttic/Zayda J

Release Year: 2014

Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Humilation, Torture, Electric, Fetish, Toys

Video language: English

21 year old Zayda J. is back at The Attic for some time in latex. Shiny, black latex. Yummy.
First we find Zayda standing in the room wearing a shiny black latex shirt, latex thigh-high stockings, shiny black PVC garter belt, blue panties and clear 7" heels. She is being bound into a box tie which gets tied off to the ceiling. Rope is bound above and below her latex encrusted torso. We watch as she is being bound, close-ups of her face and body. She already doesn't appear to like her binding. After her box tie is secured to the ceiling she is ring gagged. Afterward, a large rubber collar is placed around her neck and secured with a power drill. The camera takes long looks of Zayda being bound, gagged and collared. Close-ups of her open mouth, shiny latex and disconcerted stares fill the lens. She's starting to drool. You can hear it when long strings of it hit the floor. Yes, it's really running from her face hole now, her tongue moving around in there trying to sop it up before it rolls out onto her chin before hanging in ever longer streams. The power drill totally freaked her out. I grab Airella and have Zayda French kiss her, tongue her plastic breasts and pussy hole. Oops, there went more slobber hitting the floor. Zayda wasn't at all shy about blow-up doll sex. Afterward, I tie her latex encrusted ankles out to each side in order to spread her wide. We find the camera just watching her, her face up close, that tongue never seeming to stop moving in there. Does she find the ring gag strange? Her chin has a constant stream of slobber running down it. She sort of bobs around on her heels as she tries to get into some sort of comfort zone. That's when I take a package of saran wrap and wrap her up from chest to foot, saving her head for later.
Next we find Zayda being interviewed. She is still bound in the way described previously, still wrapped in that saran wrap. The camera simply following her body from the feet to the head in one deliciously slow take. We hear her talking, or least trying too. She's telling us about what's she's been up too. You know, she's a college student. So I hear her telling me about some papers she is writing but I just can't understand her. Drool just keeps flowing from her ring gag as I ask her to repeat the story she's been trying to tell me yet again. I end up just making her apologize to everyone for not being able to speak like a fucking normal human being. After chiding her for her inability to speak clearly I make her tell us she'll do better next time. Then I have her start talking about her favorite sexual position. Wow, did you just hear that wad of drool hit the floor. Jesus, the string running from her mouth almost reaches the whole way to the floor. I love that. Anyway, you may find her favorite sexual position rather interesting. Mind you, she's only had sex with one guy in her whole life. Well, time to cut her panties off. Which I did. And, wouldn't you know, there was a big stain in them. Of course, I showed this to her and asked for her explanation of it. Then I made her sniff it and tell me what it smelled like. "Pussy juice", she said. That's when I shoved the stain and the panties directly into her mouth. Then I finished saran wrapping her head. As I had her start singing a song we'd never understand I slapped a vibrator on her pussy. As is common with Zayda she begged to cum within seconds. Denied. I made her tell me how much she likes being a bondage slut. She just kept begging. I told her to think of a train wreck. She let me know her pussy was wet, that she needed to cum right then. I made her hold it off though. After several minutes of struggling and begging I gave her permission. It came on her like a freight train. If she wasn't held up by the box tie she'd have hit the floor. Her legs were all shaky, bent at the knee and she was attempting to scream through her ring gagged, panty infested mouth as sounds of the crinkly saran wrap punctuated the air. Good Girl Zayda..at least until she let a third orgasm slip by without asking for permission.
Now we find Zayda still wearing all of her shiny latex standing next to a vacuum bed. First she parades herself all around the bed before getting into it. She shows all of her sides before finally giving us a big smile, squatting and getting into the bag. All the air is sucked out and what we find is a perfect impression, a perfect representation of Zayda wearing her latex within the bag. Her garter, the latex stockings, the heels, her hair -everything in perfect relief, in perfect detail. We see her breathing in there, trying to move a little, testing the boundaries. I polish the latex up to an immaculate shine. It's as though she is some sort of beautiful latex alien in there. And when the Hitachi finds her cunt she exclaims. It was unexpected. She's moving around in there a lot more now. She's starting to make crying sounds. Sounds that come out of her mouth with increasing frequency and consequence. They sound desperate. She's asking to cum now. She's asking a lot. Airella decides to get involved and we find Zayda having blow-up doll sex again. Did she spray in there?
Next Zayda is bound in a hogtie on a wooden box. Her latex encrusted breasts hanging over the end of the box. She is wearing all of the shiny latex as in the previous scenes. She has a hair tie in that keeps her head pulled up and back. The vaginal stimulator positioned within her cunt. Once the power is turned on she clearly lets me know she's at her limit. That's when the ring gag is placed back in her mouth. She is quite helplessly bound in the hogtie, on the box, with her tits hanging off the end. Her hair tie keeping her face directly in view. The mascara she's been wearing clearly running down her cheeks. She's in for a little pain now. The electricity is turned up higher and she starts to cry, to scream out. She's not going anywhere as I talk to her in a crazy, disconnected manner. Her drool is running from her mouth again in long, wet streams. I make her tell me about her pussy, what it feels like, how wet it is. She tells me she's horny so I stick the Hitachi to her box and see what type of reaction I can get. She immediately screams out. She is completely trapped in her predicament. She can't even look around to see what I am doing. I keep making her repeat what I tell her as I keep the vibration to her cunt on high. When I tell her to ask me to turn up the electricity in her pussy she cries. She screams out louder. She doesn't want that. The drool is so copious now, her tears running down her face. She is begging to cum but gets no approval for it. She's a mess. She is actually screaming out, "I NEED TO CUM!!". Denied. This was the money shot here folks. She is completely broken down to her absolute bare elements. This gorgeous woman now has mascara running all over her face, snot coming from both nostrils and drool all over her chin and floor as even more fluids race from her facial orifices. And all she can do at this point is ask to cum. Plead for permission to cum. She is completely and wholly broken down at this point. She is exasperated. She is heaving now. When she is finally given permission to have an orgasm it comes on so strong she sprays all over the box, her slobber is running not only from the lower lip but from the upper as well. Tears stream down her face to catch up with the snot running from each nose hole. And she is cumming. Cumming hard. Cumming in spite of herself. She is broken and the smell of spray fills the air.
The last thing for Zayda is an exit orgasm, I mean an exit interview. She's on all fours, doggy style as the ITA fucking machine pounds away on her. This is where she tries to tell us about her day here. Of course, that fucking machine makes that very difficult for her.

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IntoTheAttic/Zayda J IntoTheAttic/Zayda J
IntoTheAttic/Zayda J IntoTheAttic/Zayda J

IntoTheAttic/Zayda J
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IntoTheAttic/Zayda J
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